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Series 183 and 184 Drives 

183.jpgThe Snap-Trol Series 183 & 184 are full wave DC drives designed for light to middle duty OEM industrial applications where cost effectiveness without sacrificing the quality or performance of the unit is the key. The 183 & 184 have state-of-the-art features while maintaining industry standard mounting and adjustment configurations. The 183, which is U.L. recognized, controls 1/50 up to 2 HP DC Motors (with the appropriate heatsinking). It’s dual input line voltage does not require any internal changes to the drive when line voltage is changed from 120 to 230 VAC. The drive is capable of running 90 VDC motors on a 230 VAC line. This eliminates the possibility of having the unit jumpered for one voltage and applying another, causing the drive to be destroyed. The 184 can control 1 HP to 3 HP DC motors at 120 VAC or 230 VAC. This unit offers one standard package with no need to add heatsinks when an increase in horsepower is required. Connections to both models are 1/4" quick connections.

  • 115/230 AC, auto select
  • Disable input
  • 1/50 to 3 HP
  • Adjustments for Min, Max speed, IR comp, Current limit, Accel/decel
  • Stand alone options
  •  Quick connects  
  •  UR
  • Tach feedback
Performance Specifications

Speed Range 30:1
Speed Regulation + 1%
Control Linearity + 2% 
Current Limit Torque Range 0-120%
Min. Speed Trimpot Range 0-30% 
Max. Speed Trimpot Range 70-120%
Voltage 115 or 230 VAC input via a jumper selection
I.R. Comp. Trimpot Range 0-25% of Arm. Voltage Rating
Accel/Decel Adjust Ramp Time 0-15 sec.
D.C. Tach Feedback 50VDC / 1000 rpm 

100VDC / 1000 rpm

Series Specification

Max. Output
115 or 230 VAC, 50/60Hz Auto Select
11 amps
Solid State variable speed D.C Motor Control
115 or 230 VAC, 50/60Hz Auto Select
18 amps
Solid State variable speed D.C. Motor Control

Part Number Selection
Part Number Termination Label
P1837-0500 Quick Connect UL Recognized
P1837-0510 Quick Connect None
Heatsink Selection/Performance
Heatsink Description Part Number Max HP/Amps @115VAC Max HP/Amps @230VAC
 L Bracket Standard 1/2 HP/ 6 Amps 1 HP/ 6 Amps
Side Mount   P1838-0580 1 HP/ 11 Amps 2 HP/ 11 Amps
Base Mount P1838-0585 1 HP/ 11 Amps 2 HP/ 11 Amps
Base Mount Standard 1 1/2 HP/ 18 Amps 3 HP/ 18 Amps

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